“Ryan and I worked closely on behalf of one of our firm’s longest-standing clients. It is a client relationship I have personally managed for nearly ten years, and so I am very particular in terms of which of our talented Fellows I ask to support the account. Ryan was the perfect addition to our team. His tenacity and creativity enabled him to achieve great success on our client’s behalf, establishing key relationships with major media outlets leading to high visibility for one of their chief PSA campaigns. He is a team player in the truest sense, he has been a real asset to our firm, and I am proud to have had the opportunity to work with him.”
— Chad Tragakis, Senior Vice President and Chief Talent Officer, Hill+Knowlton Strategies
“I had the pleasure of working with Ryan for nearly two years at HHS, and he was in a word, a lifesaver. My entire team found him to be a highly competent and dedicated communications professional. His responsiveness, attention to detail and strong organizational skills ensured a smooth run of my program’s marketing efforts. Communications can be a fast-paced, deadline driven field with many last minute updates and changes to processes, but he remained flexible and forward thinking through it all. In addition, Ryan’s energy and warm spirit made every interaction an enjoyable one. He would be a great asset to any team.”
— Jyl Woolfolk, Communications Lead, US Department of Health and Human Services
“I have worked with Ryan in both an academic and professional setting. The quality of his work and attitude are both great. He clearly excels on the writing side of PR, but he has demonstrated abilities in many forms of public communication, particularly social media. He was a tremendous asset to our company.”
— Chris Boesen, President, Tiber Creek Associates of Capitol Hill, Inc.
“Ryan did a great job in our master’s program and as my graduate research assistant. He brings a strong background, but more importantly a lot of ideas and enthusiasm. He is (and will be) a great asset in any office or project team.”
— Joseph Graf, Assistant Professor, American University
“Ryan was an extremely bright, conscientious grad student and is staying true to form as he launches his professional career. He can be counted on for fresh perspectives infused with finely focused energy.”
— Rick Stack, Assistant Professor, American University
“Ryan was an MA student at American University in the spring of 2010 when he took my course in Political Communication. He was one of the top students in the class. He was always prepared and peppered the guests, usually political professionals, with sharp, incisive questions, which gave the entire class new insights into their work. Ryan is a hard worker with a very analytical mind and strong grasp of new media. He not only has the skills but, more importantly, has the strategic sense to use technology for maximum impact. He is the epitome of a modern communications professional.”
— Dotty Lynch, Executive in Residence, American University
“I was Ryan’s professor and thesis advisor while he was a Master’s student in the School of Communication at American University. Ryan is smart and hard working, and demonstrates an incredible amount of self-discipline and drive. His thesis — a survey analysis of the privacy concerns and behaviors of college-age Facebook users — contributed useful insights into the challenges and opportunities of our new media environment. Ryan is also extremely personable and easy to get along with. I highly recommend him!”
— Lauren Feldman, Assistant Professor, American University
“I had the privilege of working with Ryan last year here at American University. Ryan was one of my research assistants and did a wonderful job helping me with various projects. Ryan was brought in to help me as the faculty advisor to the Public Relations Student Society of America. Our students will co-host the 20l0 national conference in October 2010. Ryan helped with a couple of fundraising events and I was so grateful for his passion and hard work. I also called on Ryan to help serve as a researcher to a student who is working on a film about a former death row inmate. Ryan is passionate about many issues and his work on this film including outreach, fundraising and creating marketing materials was invaluable. Ryan always gives l00 percent and goes the extra mile. He is talented, hard working, and bright. He is a quick study and works well with his colleagues as a team player. He is passionate and he cares about all issues. Ryan has dealt with many challenges in his life, and that has not stopped him from being a wonderful human being who is full of life and compassion. Ryan would be an amazing asset to any organization or business. I’m honored to write this recommendation for him. He represents the best of this generation, and I know he will make his mark wherever he goes.”
— Gemma Puglisi, Assistant Professor, American University
“Ryan Honick worked on a major project at Puget Sound, the creation of a listing for schools and universities in the US and abroad that offered theatre programs with an emphasis in dramaturgy. Ryan was adept at all aspects of the project: updating lists of contacts, communicating with contacts, carefully handling the information they provided. Ryan brought great positive energy with him into every aspect of this project, along with the collaborative and technical skills of a professional. He has my highest recommendation.”
— Geoffrey Proehl, Professor, University of Puget Sound
“As his direct supervisor, I had an opportunity to see many of Ryan’s talents and capabilities in action. Ryan worked independently without hesitation while also making strong contributions to meetings and group discussions. He was always timely on email, fastidious about notes and updates, and organized with all of his project materials. He’s also just a lot of fun to know- he’s got a great sense of humor, helpful insights, and a positive attitude that’s contagious. I couldn’t have been happier—it was a joy to work with Ryan. I know that he will be an asset to any organization that he works with in the future.”
— Susan Gleason, Media and Outreach Manager, YES! Magazine
“Ryan and I worked together at YES! Magazine, a nonprofit near Seattle, WA, in 2007. He was always enthusiastic and committed to his work. Full of bright ideas, charisma, and initiative, Ryan made the office a livelier and more innovative setting for everyone. He is a talented writer and a genuinely compassionate and thoughtful individual. I highly recommend him.”
— Catherine Kyle, Editorial Assistant, YES! Magazine
“I have known Ryan Honick for five years stemming originally from our interactions as student and professor here at Loyola Marymount University. As part of his core requirements for psychological studies at Loyola Marymount Ryan enrolled in a Human Anatomy and Physiology survey course that I had instructed for a number of years. Immediately, I was impressed by Ryan’s personality and character as he demonstrated incredible confidence and maturity that far surpassed that of his peers. He was an extremely active contributor to class discussions as he volunteered questions daily both during and after class. From these constant interactions, I became aware of his magnanimous personality that is always pleasant, welcoming, and jovial. Due largely to the content of the course being completely new to the previous studies of a student of the humanities, the content of this anatomy course did pose a substantial challenge. However, in 12 years of university instruction, I have never seen a student work as diligently and steadfastly for a prolonged period of time. Despite the 15 week long semester and over 70 other students in this course, the most memorable event of that particular course is the diligence and time that Ryan committed to the successful completion of the course. Through these events and subsequent years, we have maintained in contact with one another and as a result, Ryan and I have shared numerous in-depth conversations about academic, professional, and personal life. From these interactions, I have grown to see the indomitable spirit of this fine person. Faced with numerous personal obstacles, he tackles all of life’s challenges with an amazing sense of self-deprecating humor and positivism that success in all of his chosen paths is a virtual guarantee. I thus know him to possess a responsible, respectful, polished, and gathered personality that exudes creativity and optimism with all that he does.”
— Todd Shoepe, Clinical Professor, Loyola Marymount University