I was taught never to bury the lead. So without further ado:

And now; Romney’s reaction.

Watching this unfold internally was amazing.

SCOTUSblog was really the first to break the news correctly. The biggest decision since Bush V. Gore, and similarly, major news networks (I’m looking at you CNN, and FOX news) jumped the gun. Let Roberts read past the first page of the opinion before displaying misinformation as breaking news. 

Perhaps nobody had more fun reporting on the day’s chaos than The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart.

Chief Justice Roberts the swing vote? Nobody saw that one coming. Romney is regretting his pledge to nominate justices “in the mold” of John Roberts right now. Conservatives are in such disbelief over the supposed betrayal there’s already a movement calling for his impeachment

If today doesn’t provide you with a stark enough contrast for who you want leading our country come November, nothing will.