All week long, watching the RNC provided no shortage of entertainment. I watched it gleefully expecting as much. Last night however, was perfection. Wine+Clint Eastwood+wooden chair - Barack Obama. Yup. Truly, My Chateau

More on that in a minute.

Short of the upcoming general election which I’m certain will be hilariously terrifying to watch unfold, I think the RNC gave much of America, or at least those of us with a sense of humor, a good laugh. 

Ann Romney appealing to middle class women by pretending to understand their struggles? Oh, look over there, is that her dressage horse competing in the Olympics? There’s also standard issue Romney freely admitting during one of the earlier Republican debates late last year that he never grew up poor. Which of course explained his lackadaisical $10,000 bet with then-rival Rick Perry. He can feel free to flip-flop on that one though and nobody will blink. No doubt about it, the Romneys understand the middle class.

There was Wednesday night and VP candidate Paul Ryan who, when you strip away his P90X body, well there just isn’t that much left. From his misleading statements on Obamacare, to the S&P credit rating downgrade and the debt commission, which Ryan conveniently neglected to mention he was not only a part of, but even voted against.

I expected the most comically absurd moments from the convention would be credited to Romney himself. I was wrong.

Billed as a “mystery speaker” in the hours leading up to his endorsement speech of the GOP candidate, the pinnacle of insanity instead went to writer-director Clint Eastwood, whose performance last night was memorable for all the wrong reasons. The disastrous speech quickly became an Internet meme spawning various spinoffs, like this one, and a new verb, “Eastwooding.” As Comedy Central’s Indecision 2012 Twitter feed pointed out, “That empty chair was less wooden than Mitt Romney.” So they have that going for them, that’s a plus.

In case you haven’t yet seen this gem

Now, I don’t know. That may have done Mitt Romney more harm than good in the long run. Though if you ask him, he enjoyed it. I guess the question on everybody’s mind is; Do you feel lucky, Mitt? Well, do ya?

Can’t wait to see how the DNC and Joe Biden top this.